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11.10.23  /  Events

First test for LCA60T propellers

This summer, we visited Aero Concept Engineering’s wind tunnel to test the LCA60T’s propellers. The aim? To create a comprehensive test database, which will play a crucial role in validating the accuracy and reliability of our aerodynamic simulation tools.

Another significant aspect of this test is the comparison of blade behavior between twisted and untwisted propellers. By closely examining these variations, we not only advance our understanding of aerodynamics, but also pave the way for more efficient propeller designs in the future.

🌪️ Our test also aims to evaluate the thrust generated by these propellers under high sideslip conditions. This data is essential for optimizing airship performance in challenging scenarios, ensuring safety and efficiency.

🔍 The evaluation process encompasses both propulsion and stabilization propellers on our test rig. Stabilization propellers use symmetrical untwisted blades, while propulsion propellers feature standard asymmetrical twisted blades. This diversity enables us to gather a full range of information to further refine our designs.

The 32 propellers fitted to each LCA60T will enable them to fly through the sky with precision and power, to carry out their transport missions.