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20.06.24  /  Publication

LCA60T electrical wiring

LCA60T’s Electrical Wiring is composed by 3 main networks ensuring the supply and the intercommunication of the systems:

The HVDC network with 800V. voltage rating direct current supply electrical power to propulsion system, payload winches and ballast pumps.

A second network supplies equipment that’s works under more conventional voltage in aeronautic (28V DC and 115V AC), such as the avionic system, the control unit and actuators of all embedded systems.

Systems communications are shared through the data network allowing the pilot and LEO (Load Exchange Officer) to interact with all LCA60T’s systems.

20km of cables, 3000 connectors and more than 700 electrical harnesses are needed to build these networks.

Thanks to our technical partner Amphenol SEFEE, an Amphenol Company, in charge of the development and production of all electrical harnesses for his contribution and expertise.

The development of the Workpackage EWIS (Electrical Wiring Interconnection System) is part of the i-Démo e-Propu & Distrib project, financed by the French government as part of France2030 and by the European Union – Next Generation EU as part of the France Relance plan.

*HVDC: High Voltage Direct Current