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  • Préparation
  • Take-off


the deployment of

a new means of transport

FLYING WHALES offers its clients a turnkey airship transport solution through a dedicated operating company. FLYING WHALES SERVICES sells and carries out LCA60T missions all over the world, from the preparation of the missions to the direct follow-up of the operations.

A new ecosystem,

a new industry

Training of pilots
and ground staff

There are few airship pilots in the world today. None of them has ever flown an airship of this size to load and unload up to 60 tons of cargo in hovering flight. FLYING WHALES SERVICES will therefore train not only the pilots but also the ground staff (on the airfield or in remote areas), through the creation of its own certified flight school.

Maintenance of the LCA60T

Modern aeronautics requires predictive maintenance to ensure high reliability of aircraft. Thus, the maintenance management of the LCA60T will be the key to a secure and sustainable service. This is a real revolution to work on such a large airship. This maintenance will cover servicing, repairs and other tests planned to avoid disruption during a mission.

An expert position

in airship transport

FLYING WHALES SERVICES is therefore developing a wide range of know-how and skills, unique for this reborn industry. This mastery of operations allows the smooth deployment of this new mode of transport and the transmission of this know-how to other operators who express the need for it.


“From the transport request to the end of the mission, on the ground and in the air, FLYING WHALES SERVICES brings together all the teams and techniques needed to make a subtle and complex operation run smoothly for our clients.”