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Improving the efficiency

of humanitarian logistics

More frequent




According to the United Nations, the frequency of natural disasters has doubled in the last 20 years and this trend is expected to accelerate in the coming years. Since 2000, these tragedies have caused 1.2 million deaths worldwide, and the total cost of economic damage is estimated at $3 trillion over the past decade.


emergency air transport

more efficient

In anticipation of future disasters, 30 OECD member countries currently contribute $14 billion annually to projects designed to increase the preparedness of vulnerable countries for these extreme events.

60t vs 20t

superiority of the LCA60T‘s payload capacity over aircraft

1 000

emergency tents that can be moved in one rotation

Participate in

the protection

of the population

The use of the LCA60T as a new transportation solution will change the landscape of relief operations for many NGOs and IGOs. The LCA60T will improve the humanitarian logistics chain and facilitate air cargo transport to disaster areas that are cut off from their transportation infrastructure. It will contribute to the reconstruction efforts in the affected regions.

“Aviation Without Borders has been providing humanitarian logistics throughout the world for 40 years, using its own aircraft or renting them, for large volumes. It offers its skills to more than 600 associations and NGOs as well as UN agencies. The LCA60T airship, with its unique characteristics, will be a complementary link in this complex logistics chain tomorrow.”