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energy infrastructures


logistical challenges 

As the wind industry continues to grow, the size of wind turbines has also increased to maximize energy output: the length of the first blades (about 40 meters 25 years ago) already required exceptional logistics. Today, this length can reach up to 80 meters. And the trend is continuing throughout the industry: despite serious logistical problems and additional transport costs, industrial equipment manufacturers are already designing the onshore wind turbines of tomorrow, which will be able to set in motion blades up to 110 meters long.

Supporting the growth

of wind farms

The current limitations of land transportation of turbine components to their destination make the development of these renewable energies difficult while a significant diversification of the energy mix is increasingly crucial to ensure a level of electricity production consistent with the needs and expectations of the society.

17 200

wind turbines installed in 2019

up to 110m

for offshore wind blades

up to 56%

of savings compared with road transport

Blowing the wind
of an alternative to complex transportation

The LCA60T is capable of transporting various types of wind turbine components such as blades, either in the cargo hold or outside under slings. Not only can the solution significantly reduce transport time, but it also eliminates the cumbersome logistical challenges associated with building bypass solutions or modifying existing infrastructure.

This solution also opens up new areas of high potential that remain untapped today due to a lack of logistical solutions. These future wind farms can now be considered thanks to FLYING WHALES. Leading companies in the sector such as Engie Green, TotalEnergies Renouvelables, RES Group, EDFR or CNR are already studying a number of potential projects in light of this new opportunity.

“We are very proud to be associated with the FLYING WHALES project. Innovation is at the heart of the energy transition and TotalEnergies is actively involved in supporting initiatives like FLYING WHALES. We are convinced that this airborne logistics solution will open up new opportunities to develop new wind projects in more remote, complex access areas while further reducing the environmental impact of our operations.”