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Inspiring the aeronautical revival


FLYING WHALES INDUSTRY is dedicated to the design, production and certification of the LCA60T airship. The assembly of what will be the world’s largest aircraft represents a unique challenge that requires the reinvention of industrial processes in this already highly innovative sector.

A highly

technological factory

focused on people

A unique site in the world

The extraordinary dimensions of the LCA60T mean that the production facilities will also have to adapt to these extraordinary constraints. The Final Assembly Line (FAL) will be 65m high and 265m long, making it the tallest industrial building in operation in Europe.

The originality of the site lies in its dual use: as a production site and as a test site to carry out the ground and flight test phase in order to meet the EASA requirements and obtain Type Certification.

The buildings will have a unique architectural signature to best integrate them into their environment, minimising their footprint and making them part of the architectural heritage of the region where they are located.

An alliance

technological and human

The cornerstone of this unique site will be people: the qualifications of the men and women who will assemble the LCA60T will be supported by the most modern technologies (automated transport by AGV, digital workshop from the design office to the production operator, etc.). This expertise will be based on the skills of a century-old aeronautical industry, while borrowing from other industries (construction, textiles, etc.) FLYING WHALES INDUSTRY will create around 200 jobs on each of its sites, open to all types of qualifications: from all production jobs to test pilots.

Several sites

of manufacturing

Local production for global needs

Production will initially be located in France, then in Canada and finally in Asia. Eventually, 12 LCA60Ts per year will be assembled in each final assembly line (FAL). This international location will make it possible to meet needs in Europe, North Africa, America and Asia. Each site will use identical technologies and processes, benefiting from shared project development.

A first territorial anchorage in Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

For its site based in France, FLYING WHALES has signed a partnership with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region in 2019. In 2020, FLYING WHALES and the region announced the establishment of the production site in Laruscade, 50 km from Bordeaux. This is a site with key assets, as it combines regional expertise in terms of aeronautics and space, logistical transport and access infrastructures for employees and easy access to airspace.

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