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A company with a focus

on towards society

Our commitment

to the United Nations

FLYING WHALES is committed to the United Nations Global Compact whose 10 principles on human rights, international labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption guide our CSR approach.  In addition to this commitment, we strive to contribute to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs – through our company, our product and especially through the markets we address.

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Our approach to society


A bridge for communities

FLYING WHALES is committed to community development. The LCA60T programme is designed to have a local impact: each LCA60T will operate on behalf of various sectors and create stable and inclusive jobs within a 500km radius of its operational base, covering almost 800,000km2.


Incredible talents

We are first and foremost a group of people united by the same values and the sum of our know-how. From reinforced HR monitoring, to the team of volunteer employees working to promote gender equality within the company, to the use of software to measure the well-being of our employees, to raising awareness of the Climate Fresco, everything is designed by and for the employees. So that everyone can find their place and balance in their work environment.


Integration of all stakeholders

In developing its CSR roadmap, FLYING WHALES wanted to involve as many of its stakeholders as possible, namely employees, suppliers, prospects and shareholders. This is a way to ensure that we meet the expectations of civil society and design the most inclusive solution possible.


Be a catalyst for change

FLYING WHALES offers a unique service: the creation of a logistics network that does not require any transport infrastructure. This approach provides our clients with the ideal tool to achieve their own ecological transition. FLYING WHALES wants to become an accelerator for the development of renewable energies, wood-based construction and many other markets for a more sustainable future, together with public decision-makers.

Code of ethics

FLYING WHALES is driven by values; but beyond these values, each member of the company must respect a code of conduct expressed in a code of ethics.

Find the FLYING WHALES Code of Ethics here.

“Our objective with FLYING WHALES is not simply to invent, produce and operate a new aircraft. We want the innovation that this project brings to be clearly at the service of as many people as possible, reducing as much as possible its negative externalities. The help of our shareholders, suppliers, prospects and employees is crucial to achieve this goal.”

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