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abnormal loads for industry 



in tension

Today, there are obstacles to the development of certain industries. Transportation between different manufacturing sites is particularly costly because of the size of the parts to be transported. The Beluga cargo plane, for example, which today carries various models of helicopters in production, such as the Super Puma and the NH90, is five times more expensive to operate than the LCA60T. In addition, the Beluga requires heavy transport infrastructure such as airports.

An ideal solution

for the aerospace


Space transportation is also going through a period of major transformations to significantly reduce its costs and environmental impact.


less expensive than current air cargo transport solutions

Up to 4

micro launchers transported during each rotation

Instigating an industrial and ecological change

Logistics chains will be simplified and transshipments avoided for safer, less expensive transport with reduced environmental impact. The exceptional capacity of the LCA60T will enable manufacturers to free themselves from some of their current constraints, such as compliance with road gauges. In the long term, all industrial processes can be rethought.

“This sustainable, responsible and innovative air cargo solution fits perfectly with our challenges of ecological transition of the Guiana Space Center and economic development of the territory.”