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A unique

aeronautical adventure

FLYING WHALES is an extraordinary aeronautical adventure, born from a simple and ambitious idea: to make the inaccessible accessible. Our company develops a universal transport solution to support social and economic development with a low environmental footprint.

Our story

A project of

international dimension

Supported by



FLYING WHALES federates and animates national and international, public and private actors.

A constellation of some fifty partners is involved in the design, production and future operations of the LCA60T. This leading industrial consortium is the great strength of the project.

The powerful and diversified shareholding of FLYING WHALES is also a major asset to support its worldwide development.

The financial partners

Our technical consortium

Paris – Bordeaux

FLYING WHALES’ head office is located in the Paris region, in Suresnes. The majority of our design teams as well as the company’s support functions are located there. The operations teams and part of the industrialization teams are located in Bordeaux, close to our French final assembly line.



Quebec, a major partner of FLYING WHALES, hosts part of the design and marketing teams in Montreal. The objective of this subsidiary is to participate in the technical development, in close relationship with our Quebec industrial partners, and to prepare the production and operations for the American continent.


An applied research

with Flying Works

Flying Works is an internal entity working on future versions of the LCA60T and the integration of new technologies into the aircraft. The main areas of development concern :

  • The use of hydrogen for propulsion, notably via hydrogen fuel cells (integration by 2030)
  • The integration of AI in piloting systems to support pilots in their decisions
  • The use of new materials, particularly for the aircraft structure
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