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25.06.24  /  Events

Construction site visit for RTE

As part of our collaboration with Vinci Energies – Omexom, FLYING WHALES’ Market Sales team had the opportunity to visit an underground line construction site for end customer RTE in Baixas, near Perpignan, and to witness cable unwinding operations.

With the energy transition, the transmission network is evolving to integrate electricity generation from renewable sources, while guaranteeing the security of the power system.

In the Pyrénées-Orientales region, RTE is carrying out reinforcement work on the 63,000 volt power grid between Baixas, Tautavel and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet.

Given the growing volume of cables to be transported, and the increasing complexity of exceptional transport, the solution developed by FLYING WHALES will enable wider, heavier drums to be used to unwind longer cables, thus helping to reduce the number of costly junction chambers.

“Given the exceptional capabilities of the LCA60T, we are also targeting the installation of pre-assembled electric pylons weighing up to 60 tonnes.” Yvan ESTIENNE, Business Manager at VINCI Energies.

Many thanks to Yvan ESTIENNE, François LANDRAUD and their VINCI Energies – Omexom teams for welcoming us. The continuation of our discussions is crucial to the development of the LCA60T’s operational procedures for the transport of cable drums and the installation of one-piece towers.

Studies currently underway with VINCI Energies – Omexom are also aimed at quantifying the economic and environmental benefits of the LCA60T for these operations, in line with its customer RTE’s power grid renovation and modernization program and its decarbonization objectives.