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23.05.24  /  Publications

LCA60T batteries

The LCA60T can generate and distribute up to 4x1MW of electrical power to move and maintain its position during load exchanges. Quite simply, it is the world’s most powerful airborne electrical system to date.

The HVDC* network is based on 4 power batteries acting as an energy reserve, reconciling the slow dynamics of the turbogenerator with the fast dynamics of the electrical network.

The power supplied by the generators is controlled so that the batteries can absorb excess power at all times, or supply the missing power. The batteries are based on Toshiba’s LTO SCiB lithium-ion technology, renowned for its high performance in both charge and discharge, its tolerance to cycling**, its long service life and a high level of safety.

A high-performance immersion cooling system, “E-MERSIV”, developed by the EXOES group, limits the temperature rise of the thousands of on-board cells, while guaranteeing maximum system safety. This temperature control also enables maximum power to be extracted from the batteries, while limiting the impact on their lifespan.

The batteries are developed, qualified and produced by the EXOES group. Thanks to our partner!

* HVDC: High Voltage Direct Current

** Cycling tolerance: battery cells “age” as they are charged and discharged (cycling). They contain less and less energy and are less efficient. This phenomenon is very slight with the cells we use.