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05.10.23  /  Events

14 non-pressurized Helium

🎈 The LCA60T uses 14 non-pressurized Helium cells to ascend and remain in the air, thanks to Archimedes’ thrust.

📊 These cells equipped with numerous sensors, including temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors, monitor the health of the cells. Pressure sensors detect leaks using innovative algorithms, while temperature sensors calculate variations in the airship’s lift.

🌬️ The cells expand and inflate throughout the ascent due to the decrease in atmospheric pressure at high altitudes. They are secured to the airship’s structure via a net and remain pressed against each other once inflated.

📏 Each cell of the LCA60T has a capacity ranging from 1,700 to 25,000 cubic meters, for a total of approximately 250,000 cubic meters. The largest cell, located in the center, measures 48 meters in height, 50 meters in width, and 14 meters in depth, comparable in size to the Arc de Triomphe.

Each cell has numerous interfaces:

  • Connections for filling the cell at the factory
  • Connections for purifying Helium to maintain it in the airship at maximum purity. The purer the Helium, the greater the lift. Purifying Helium is similar to recycling; it significantly extends its lifespan!
  • Valves that allow the pilot to release gas in emergency situations to ensure maximum safety. Even when the airship has lost its propulsion, it can still perform free ballooning thanks to this system.

🤝 We collaborate with Airliquide for Helium and its management, Diatex for the textile material of the cells, Circor for the valves, and Hemeria for the final assembly of these cells.