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22.02.24  /  Publications

The unique mission of FLYING WHALES’ Load Exchange Officer

The LEO, or Load Exchange Officer, is responsible for managing loads in the LCA60T. His mission? To transport heavy equipment to or from isolated regions using a winch system.

He operates from a glass cabin offering a breathtaking view of the 96-meter-long cargo hold, capable of carrying up to 60 tons. It is from this carefully designed position that he controls a lifting system, specially designed for these purposes, to oversee the loading and unloading safely. Two additional seats complete the cabin to accommodate future students and instructors of this new aerial profession.

In close collaboration with the pilot, who focuses on navigation, the LEO ensures the precision of loading and unloading of logs, wind turbine components, electrical pylons, or the FLYING CARE mobile hospital, contributing directly to the success of the LCA60T’s missions.

🤝 Thanks to our technical partners Amphenol SEFEE for the control panels, VODEA for the video assistance system, Delastek for the design and integration of the gondola into the airship’s structure, and finally Thales Aerospace for the human-machine interfaces and the flight command management to stabilize the airship.