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19.01.24  /  Publications

The raison d’être of FLYING WHALES is to enable the economic development of isolated territories

In French Guiana, 30,000 French citizens live in isolation in inland communities and rely on irregular and low-capacity means of transportation for their supplies: pirogues and light aviation. High transport costs impact the prices of everyday products and hinder construction projects.

FLYING WHALES collaborates with both public and private stakeholders in French Guiana to provide the population with an economical alternative by drastically reducing transport costs.

The LCA60T airship, capable of transporting 60 tonnes to the interior from Cayenne in less than three hours, will facilitate the development of local sales points, the construction of housing, schools, energy infrastructure, etc.

Similar challenges are encountered worldwide by other communities, whether located in mountainous regions, archipelagos, or desert areas. Thus, the LCA60T will actively contribute to sustainable development and the improvement of living conditions of the communities we will serve.