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03.04.24  /  Publications

FLYING WHALES represents airships at ICAO

FFLYING WHALES was invited to address the ANC*, the gathering of Commissioners from around the world serving the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The aim? To promote the role that airships will play in tomorrow’s commercial aviation, specifically their role in the reduction of CO2 emissions globally as part of their Long-Term Aspirational Goals, or LTAGs.

Our presentation was very well received by the ANC and will allow us to initiate discussions internationally. ICAO’s support, especially through their Norms and Recommendations for airships will allow us to develop our solution worldwide, standing true to the ANC’s initiative of “No Country Left Behind”.

You can find the video of our exchange with the ANC President on ICAO TV :

*ANC : The ANC is the Air Navigation Commission, a key player in the establishment of norms and recommendations which are essential for a safer, greener and more sustainable air navigation.