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02.08.23  /  Events

FLYING WHALES and ADIM join forces

A promising partnership on the horizon: FLYING WHALES and ADIM join forces for a more inclusive and connected Indian Ocean region.

We are pleased to announce that we are initiating a promising dialogue with the Mayotte Agency for Innovation Development (ADIM) to bring our innovative technology and logistics services to the Indian Ocean region.

With a large capacity of up to 60 tonnes and the ability to hover during loading/unloading operations, the LCA60T promotes economic development, connectivity, and integration of all territories, especially for island systems.

“In an island territory like Mayotte, the deployment of traditional land transportation is naturally constrained by geography. Therefore, Mayotte must seek innovation in mobility. The LCA60T solution deserves our full attention, and we are delighted to start this partnership with FLYING WHALES to assess its deployment feasibility in our territory and its environment,” said Mamadou KONATE, General Director of ADIM.

By establishing a regular air network connecting island systems at the regional level, FLYING WHALES will ensure continuous freight transport for all types of goods, ensuring a secure supply throughout the year to even the most remote locations.

Furthermore, this technology will contribute to environmental preservation by significantly reducing emissions compared to traditional logistics chains. It will also alleviate the pressure exerted by freight on the road network, making the transportation of goods more efficient and sustainable.