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25.01.24  /  Publications

A Day in the life of an LCA60T Pilot: A unique adventure

Flying aboard the LCA60T offers a distinct experience in the world of aviation due to its closeness to the ground. It’s a unique adventure where floating in the air takes precedence over merely flying, adding a touch of magic to FLYING WHALES’ mission. The ability to hover gives a remarkable character to the flying experience, allowing for the loading and unloading of cargo without ever having to land.

The pilot sits in the LCA60T’s gondola, which provides a clear and optimal view of the surroundings. This cockpit is equipped with strategically placed windows to ensure constant visibility. The LCA60T is primarily piloted using Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

The ergonomics of the cockpit are designed for maximum comfort, with specific aeronautical seats, heating and air conditioning systems, a living area, and a rest zone that allows crew members to undertake missions of more than 10 hours. The gondola’s configuration also includes a second seat for an instructor to train pilots on the LCA60T.

The pilot has an ergonomic workspace for safely conducting navigation and communication operations with the ground. Flight controls and instruments allow precise control of the aircraft.

Thanks to our technical partners DELASTEK for designing and integrating the gondola into the airship’s structure, SEFEE for the control panels, CROUZET for the piloting controls, VODEA for the video assistance system, and finally THALES for the electric flight controls and avionics of the gondola. Together, they shape an optimal flying experience.