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15.11.23  /  Publications

32 thrusters for propulsion

The electric thruster, or e-propeller, is a system on the LCA60T that converts the electrical power generated on board into thrust. It comprises a composite nacelle housing an electric motor capable of delivering over 200 kW of continuous power.

🔌 This motor is driven by an exceptionally light AC/DC* converter. A gearbox is integrated to adapt the rotational speed, driving a 4-meter-diameter 3-blade propeller with variable pitch. A DC/DC* converter is also used to supply low-voltage power to the control computer and auxiliary systems such as heat exchangers and pumps.

🔄 The whole system is connected to the airship’s structure via a composite pylon, a light but resistant material. In all, no fewer than 32 electric thrusters distributed over 7 propulsion points ensure the LCA60T’s maneuverability during cruise and loading phases.

🤝 We would like to thank our technical partners, BrightLoop Converters, Akira Technologies, DUC Hélices Propellers and SERMA Group, for their invaluable contribution to the design of this innovative system.

The development of this system is part of the i-Démo e-Propu & Distrib project, financed by the French government as part of France 2030 and by the European Union – Next Generation EU as part of the France Relance plan.

* AC/DC: alternative current/direct current
* DC/DC: conversion of a direct current source from one specified voltage level to another.