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200m length

50m diametre

Load and unload

in hover flight

Point-to-point transport

 A rigid structure  

For maximum

operational security

14 unpressurised

helium cells

An inert gas, stored,

ensuring lift

A vast cargo bay

96m (L) x 8m (W) x 7m (H)

7 propulsion points

Vertical Take-Off and Landing

Ensures perfect control

100 km/h

A large

60 tonnes payload
In cargo bay and/or under-sling

LCA60T dimensions

200m length

50m  diameter


A revolution for our world’s sustainability

The LCA60T is a game-changer towards environmental challenges. It definitely reduces ground footprint (no infrastructures in operation) and emissions (low -soon 0-emissions thanks to hybrid and soon full-electric propulsion).

Focused on safety

Airworthiness authority’s certifications combined with intrinsic characteristics (safe lifting gas, rigid structure, powerful propulsion) provide the LCA60T maximum level of safety.

An utmost adaptability

Unlimited access to isolated areas thanks to its point-to-point 60 tonnes capacities hovering.

Cost savings

Low operating costs & gets rid of infrastructures and transshipment expenses.

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