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Permanent contract Suresnes



FLYING WHALES is looking for a


FLYING WHALES is an extraordinary industrial adventure.

We design today and we will build and operate tomorrow a fleet of airships, the LCA60T, intended for cargo transport. Capable of loading and unloading up to 60 tons of cargo (wood, wind turbine blades, containers, mobile hospitals, etc.) in hovering flight, with a reduced environmental footprint, this transport system is unprecedented.

At FLYING WHALES, we have a bold vision that brings together more than 140 pioneers and about 40 partner companies. These pioneers of the 21st century, men and women, bring their desire, their passion and their know-how every day to give birth to a new transportation solution, but also to an idea. The idea that societies must be able to continue to create links in order to develop.

This is the mission that FLYING WHALES has set itself: to open-up isolated regions in the world while helping to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector thanks to a low-carbon aircraft.

Would you like to help us write one of the pages of aeronautics history?  Here is the pioneer we are looking for:


-  We are looking for a Thermal team leader on the overall Airship scope.

-  The position is open within the physical architecture department, and the applicant should have proven competencies around thermal theory and associated math, aerothermal, thermomechanical and hydraulics and have good knowledge on physical system integration.


Within the physical architecture department, the role of the thermal team Leader is expected to:

·       Coordinate with IPT leaders and hierarchy

·       Animate on a weekly basis the thermal team

·       Animate on monthly basis the thermal team

·       Organize and follow the work of the team

o   Management of IT resources and software licenses

o   Propose a filer architecture and maintain it

o   Identify deliverables per roles allocated within the team

o   Propose a clear document breakdown structure

o   Propose a global thermal integration layer activity planning

o   Be sponsor of rituals and processes declined such as (not limited to):

  • EDM

  • Change management

  • Tech Rev process

  • ECM process

  • Baseline process

o  Perform the individual interviews

o  Provide level of expertise & engineering skills

As a thermal engineer you and your team shall be capable to tackle all thermal activities across the product to support the design, the integration, and the certification of the solution. The different aspects of thermal management and competencies adequation shall include aerothermal and ventilation analysis, fluid cooling circuit and lubrification and maybe bi-phasic type of cooling circuit.

The main activities foreseen are:

·       Develop method and modelling skills through stepped maturity level increase

·       Support the validation of deliverables

·       Promote collaborative approach with all teams involved

·       Lead and participate to the studies and deliverables as all team members

o   Thermal management concept design:

  • Trade-off analysis on cooling and aerothermal circuit schematic

  • Thermal and hydraulic pre-sizing – Pumps and exchangers (first order of magnitude)

  • Nomenclature/product breakdown structure consolidation

  • Weight, Centre of gravity and inertia analysis and consolidation

o   Detailed Physical thermal/hydraulic/control, command modelling (Simscape/Simulink)

o   Functional interface control document definition

o   Supplier Thermal model integration and validation

o   Thermal Airship, systems and component specification redaction and support

o   Thermal management architecture dossier and notes redaction

o   Support the baseline definition effort

o   Support IVVQ plan

o   Support certification effort (Analysis of certification requirements, AMCs and MOCs).



·       Education: Bac +5 engineering school (General, Thermal/aero) or equivalent Master.

·       Previous experience: minimum 5 years of experience into an aeronautical industry or 8 years on development product department.

·       Experience as a Team Leader/Manager is a plus.


·       Technical skills:

o   IT skills:

  • management of Linux machines and their configuration

  • Knowledge on model configuration management through Gitlab & AWS would be appreciated

  • CFD (open foam)

  • Matlab/Simulink/Simscape

  • Meshing software (OMNIS licenses for the mesh)

  • Excel VBA

  • Python code

o   Design skills:

  • Logic of design definition (modelling methods, maturity levels, interfaces with other engineering fields).

  • V Cycle management (milestones preparation, pass fail criteria, deliverables definitions).

  • Competencies around thermal theory and associated math:

·       Aerothermal

·       Thermomechanical

·       Thermohydraulic

·       have good knowledge on physical system integration and technologies

  • Test specification and model calibration would be a plus

  • Test campaign experience would be a plus

  • Thermal certification of aircraft would be a plus (CS-29, 25, 23)

·       Team management skills:

o   Propose organization and deploy it

o   Manage priorities and workload

o   Coordinate design loops and program LDEV

o   Flow down of information

o   Capture of concerns

o   Decline priorities

o   Decline general information about logic of development

o   Review planning, quart charts & KPI per task responsible

o   Transverse Engineering fields coordination.

o   Risk management.

  • Decline department level objectives into SMART objectives

  • Assess the team needs for training

  • Assess the team wishes for mobility

  • Assess the team performance level



  • Organized person,

  • Strong willing and able to take workload,

  • Good communication and team work,

  • Willing to learn and go above and beyond to achieve challenging goals,

  • Able to deal with many different topics,

  • Listening and curious,

  • Force of proposal,

  • synthesis,

  • Able to defend his point of view with flexibility,

  • Strong aeronautical culture,

  • Strong technological skills and culture,

  • Fluent English and French-written and verbal is mandatory.


- An equity stake

- The prospect of rapid development within a growing company

- Integration into an enthusiastic and supportive management team

- The possibility of teleworking

- An on-site gym



  • A meeting with Pierrot, Head of Physical Architecture Department;

  • A meeting with Alexandre, Talent Acquisition Manager;

  • A meeting with Vincent, Vice CEO.


  • Contract: Permanent CDI

  • Workplace: Suresnes (92) - France

  • Available position: ASAP

  • Department: Physical Architecture Department

  • Point of contact:

  • Reference: 033-THERMLEAD


FLYING WHALES is committed to creating an inclusive workspace where employees are valued for their skills and experiences.

If you are passionate, if you are convinced by the project, if this position seems to be a great opportunity for you, we will be happy to meet you!


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