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Permanent contract Suresnes


We design today and we will build and operate tomorrow a fleet of airships, the LCA60T, intended for cargo transport. Capable of loading and unloading up to 60 tons of cargo (wood, wind turbine blades, containers, mobile hospitals, etc.) in hovering flight, with a reduced environmental footprint, this transport system is unprecedented.

At FLYING WHALES, we have a bold vision that brings together more than 130 pioneers and about 40 partner companies. These pioneers of the 21st century, men and women, bring their desire, their passion and their know-how every day to give birth to a new transportation solution, but also to an idea. The idea that societies must be able to continue to create links in order to develop.

This is the mission that FLYING WHALES has set itself: to open up isolated regions in the world while helping to reduce CO2 emissions in the transport sector thanks to a low-carbon aircraft.


Would you like to help us write one of the pages of aeronautics history?  Here is the pioneer we are looking for:



In the context of the development of the LCA60T, we are looking for a graduated Lead Flight Test Engineer Class 1.


Within the Test department, you will be acting as Lead Flight Test Engineer (LFTE) as defined in EASA PART21 and support the Head of Test along the following axes:

  • LFTEs are Flight Test Engineers (FTEs) that have specific duties and privileges as a flight test crew member, to operate the test aircraft’s systems either directly or through dedicated flight test instrumentation that could significantly interfere with the aircraft basic systems.

  • LFTE are also in charge of upstream preparation of flights tests and final validation of flight tests results.

 Your main tasks and responsibilities will include:

  1. Plan

  • In liaison with the head of test, issue the FTOM (Flight Test Operation Manual).

  • In liaison with the different teams, plan the overall Test Program (Ground initially, then Flight) , in accordance with the organization, tasks, and milestones (incl. sub/partners).

  • In liaison with the Certification Team, participate to the certification plan and meetings with EASA and other organizations.

  • Issue the Test program then the Test Plans.

  • Participate to the definition of the main test benches (especially Iron Whale) and the Flight Test Instrumentation.

  2. Execute

Participate to the test campaigns (ground + flight) :

  • Perform the before departure checks and verifications (walk around, cockpit safety inspection …) and manage technical log book (TLB) and endorse it on behalf of the captain.

  • Initiate via technical logbook necessary work to correct abnormalities encountered in the flight and modifications required for subsequent flights.

  • Support the Flight Test Engineer (FTE) or prepare in the absence of FTE the takeoff data, the flight order, the flight crew report and the date recording.

  • Participate actively as a crew member in the flight test execution.

  • Ensure short term coordination between Engineering and maintenance team (Quality, Production, Flight Test Installation).

  • Execute as crewmember in command static and engines running ground operations in limited conditions when pilots are not required.

   3. Report

  • Issue and validate test reports (Ground + flight).


  • You are a graduated Engineer.

  • Lead Flight Test Engineer graduated (EASA or SETP recognized Test Pilots School).

  • Good experience in Flight Test and certification (RW and/or FW).

  • Experience and/or knowledge of aeronautical normative environment (ARP4754…) are a plus.

  • Professional experience or good knowledge in system development (inc IVV).

  • Good experience in cost control.


  • Good knowledge of EASA, FAA and TCCA certification processes and documentation.

  • Good experience in Project Management.

Knowledgeable in:

o    Matlab.

o    IADS.

o    Planification process & tooling.

o    Risk management.

o    Performance – Flying Qualities - Systems.

  • Strong abilities in Excel and PowerPoint (including dashboard developments).

  • High reporting skills including visual communication.



  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English as French.

  • You are goal oriented, very autonomous, and face challenges with passion.

  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate with different departments.


  • Contribution to your success from day 1 with our WHALECOME ONBOARDING and your "Buddy".

  • Conviviality (common activities, internal parties, breakfasts, etc.).

  • Possibility of remote working up to 2 days a week.

  • Gym at the workplace.



  • A meeting with Frédéric, Head of Test, the Manager.

  • A meeting wih Vincent, Vice CEO.

  • A meeting with Alexandre, Head of Talent Acquisition.


  • Contract: CDI-Undefined term contract.

  • Workplace: Suresnes (92) - France.

  • Available position: As soon as possible.

  • Department: Test.

  • Point of contact:

  • Reference: 008-LFTE


FLYING WHALES is committed to creating an inclusive workspace where employees are valued for their skills and experiences.

 If you are passionate, if you are convinced by the project, if this position seems to be a great opportunity for you, we will be happy to meet you!

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